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At Firebrand Publishing, we empower thought leaders, experts, coaches, and change-makers to share their knowledge and stories with the world through professional book publishing.

For over 10 years, we’ve helped transform authors’ manuscripts into Published, credibility-building books they can be proud of. Our full-service done-for-you self-publishing model handles every step—from editing and design to distribution and marketing—freeing you up to focus on your passion: impacting lives through your words.

Whether you want to establish authority in your niche, build your personal brand, leave a legacy, or simply entertain, we are passionate about helping diverse authors succeed as self-publishers on their own terms.



Our Mission

The mission of Firebrand Publishing is to empower authors to share their unique stories and perspectives with the world by providing a stress-free, done-for-you self-publishing service. We guide writers through every step of the publishing process – from professional editing to beautiful design to global distribution – enabling them to successfully publish their book on their own terms.


For every author we work with, we guarantee:

SINCE 2013

Our company history

When our founder published their first book, the process was so stressful that by the end of it, they could hardly stand to look at their own words. The creativity, perseverance, and drive it takes to write a book are commendable. It’s a goal many people aspire to, but never reach. Initially considering the traditionally published route, they didn’t want to spend years begging a company to green light their book.

The time, effort, and money that would have been spent attending conferences, sending out query letters, and networking with agents, they felt, would be better spent actually publishing the book. At least there would be something to show for the efforts.

So, the journey on the self-publishing path began.

The industry was fairly new at the time, and good information was scarce. There were a few vanity publishers preying on authors that were wisely avoided. Many of them have been closed and sued out of business by now, but some are still advertising to authors (author beware).

After exhaustive research and a lot of hard work, a plan to publish the book was eventually formulated.

Publishing a book was likened to a bathroom remodeling job. All excitement in the beginning thinking about the new bathroom, then reality sets in when knee-deep in drywall, broken tile, and water spewing from places it shouldn’t be.

But once the hammer goes through that first wall, the remodeling must continue.

Publishing the first book was no fun. Countless hours were spent trying to format the book from Microsoft Word to the print format for the printers. The weeks spent trying to format the manuscript for each ebook platform felt useless, boring, and tedious.

Oh, and editing the book was a big mistake. That was fully realized when a review commented on the typos that were missed.

Then, it was time to market. So much energy went into the production of the book, by the time it came to market the book, exhaustion had set in.

Trying to DIY everything is not the best approach. Some things are better left to professionals. Publishing your book is one of them.

That’s when the idea came to bring together professionals to publish books for authors who don’t want, or cannot go the traditionally published route. To help writers who don’t want to tear their hair out like our founder did, trying to publish their own books.


Why Work With Us


Publishing a book is a journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. From the moment you have a manuscript ready to the day you hold your published book in your hands, we’re here to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


We Know How Much Effort You Put in Your Book

 We understand that your book is your baby. You’ve poured your heart and soul into it, and it deserves the best. Firebrand is here to eliminate the problems that often plague the self-publishing process.



Your book deserves the best service, professional handling, and personal attention from a company that genuinely cares about your success. We are grounded in service and integrity. By partnering with us, you automatically give your book and your writing career the very best in publishing and promotion quality available.



Firebrand Publishing in Atlanta, GA, was founded in 2011. The first published book was written by KayAnna Kirby and published in May of that year. Since then, Firebrand has produced books for authors across a wide variety of subjects including history, religion, romance, memoirs, self-help guides, inspirational, urban fiction, as well as children’s books.



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