How To Get Your Book Published

Personalized Consultation

Every book is unique, and so is its journey. We start by understanding your vision, your book's essence, and your overarching publishing goals. This ensures that our approach is tailored just for you..
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Step 01

Research & Strategy:

With a clear understanding of your book and goals, we craft a bespoke strategy. From captivating book cover graphics to engaging descriptions and optimized category listings, we ensure your book is positioned for success.
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Step 02

Igniting the Firebrand Experience

With a clear strategy in place, we set the Firebrand engine roaring to life. Guided by your dedicated Project Manager, our ensemble of expert designers, editors, and staff work in harmony. The outcome? A masterfully crafted book that's a true reflection of your vision.
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Launch & Marketing

Your book is now a reality, but the journey doesn't end here. We collaborate with you to devise a robust book launch plan. Once your book is out in the world and available for sale globally, you enjoy 100% of the royalties. And as for marketing? Whether you want to take the reins or let us lead the way, we've got you covered.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarifying the Publishing Journey


What is the typical timeline for the publishing process?

From manuscript submission to book launch, our typical publishing process takes approximately 90 days. However, the exact timeline can vary based on the specifics of your book and any additional services you choose.


Can I make changes to my manuscript after I've submitted it?

Yes, you can make changes during the early stages of the process. However, once the book goes into the design and formatting phase, significant changes might incur additional fees.


How involved will I be in the design of my book cover?

We value your input! During our consultation, we’ll discuss your vision and preferences for the book cover. Our designers will then create a draft, and you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and request revisions.


Do I retain the rights to my book?

Absolutely. You retain all rights to your work. Our role is to help you publish and promote your book, but you remain the sole owner of your content.


How do you determine the retail price of my book?

The retail price is influenced by factors like production costs, book length, and market research. We’ll provide guidance and recommendations, but the final decision on pricing is yours.


What if I'm not satisfied with the editing or design?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not happy with any aspect of the production, let us know. We’ll work with you to make revisions until you’re satisfied.


How will my book be distributed?

Your book will be available through major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books. We also distribute to over 35,000 retailers worldwide through print-on-demand.


Do I need to purchase my own ISBN?

No, we provide a unique ISBN for each version of your book as part of our publishing package.


Can I also publish my book traditionally after self-publishing with you?

Yes, self-publishing doesn’t prevent you from pursuing traditional publishing opportunities in the future. 


What marketing support do you offer after my book is published?

We provide a comprehensive marketing plan, custom graphics for social media promotion, and guidance on best practices. Additionally, we offer optional add-on marketing services tailored to your needs.


How do I track sales and royalties?

You will have immediate and direct access to both your sales data and earnings via the online portals of the distributors.


Turn Your Book Dream into Published Reality!

Embark on your publishing journey with expert guidance every step of the way.