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Self Publishing Cost Calculator

Use our Self-Publishing Cost Calculator for a tailored estimate that aligns with your book's unique needs..



Optional Add-On

Manuscript Evaluation

Every book has a unique story and vision. We delve deep into your manuscript, understanding your aspirations and ensuring it’s primed for publishing success.

Complete Editing & Quality Assurance

Stand out with impeccable content. Our comprehensive editing, standard in all packages, ensures your book is free from errors, enhancing readability and professionalism.


Book Cover Design

First impressions matter. Our designers craft captivating covers that intrigue readers and set your book apart.


Interior Layout & Formatting

A book’s beauty isn’t just its cover. Experience harmonious interior design and formatting that complements your content, ensuring a delightful reading experience.



Enhance your narrative with up to 20 images, charts, or graphics, integrated seamlessly at no extra cost.


Author Essentials

Crafting the perfect author bio and book description can be daunting. We’re here to refine and perfect them, ensuring they resonate with readers. Plus, showcase your journey with a professional author photo.


Personal Project Manager

Navigate the publishing journey with a dedicated guide. Your Project Manager ensures a smooth process, coordinating with our expert team every step of the way.


Ebook Conversion & Distribution

Step into the digital age. We transform your manuscript into a versatile ebook, ensuring compatibility across major platforms and devices. Plus, enjoy expansive distribution, reaching readers globally.


ISBN Number

Stamp your book’s unique identity with an International Standard Book Number, a global standard for book identification.



Reach readers everywhere. We ensure your book is available across 35,000 retailers worldwide, making it easy for readers to find and purchase.


Book Proof

Visualize your masterpiece with an electronic proof, giving you a sneak peek of the final product. Want to feel it in your hands? Request a physical proof.


Royalties & Pricing

Reap the full rewards of your hard work. Enjoy 100% royalties and expert guidance in setting the perfect price for your book.


Free Author Copies

Reap the full rewards of your hard work. Enjoy 100% royalties and expert guidance in setting the perfect price for your book.



Hardcover Version

Elevate your book’s presence with a premium hardcover edition. Featuring a custom-designed dust cover with inside flaps, this upgrade ensures your work stands out with the elegance it deserves.


Author Website

Establish your digital footprint with a dedicated landing page. Integrated with email marketing and adorned with short URLs for your books, this platform becomes the central hub for your readers to connect with you. Plus, social media share buttons ensure your work gets the visibility it needs.


Social Media Marketing

Amplify your book’s online presence. Our package includes the creation and customization of three social media pages (choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more). Benefit from custom graphics, weekly engaging posts, and proven engagement techniques to connect with a broader audience.



Dive into the growing world of audiobooks. Transform your written words into an immersive audio experience, reaching readers who prefer to listen on the go.


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