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Affect vs Effect

Many people, native English speakers, even writers to be honest, struggle with the proper usage of the words AFFECT vs EFFECT.

These two words, are two of the most confused and interchanged words in the history of writing.

But, I can help you clear up the confusion. Here is a handy trick that will help you remember when to use Affect vs Effect in your writing.

Affect vs Effect

One word will help you with this dilemma: RAVEN!

Affect is a
Effect is a


Affect is an action, Effect is an end result.

A Verb describes an action. Ex. To go, to run, to drive, to do (something). Affect means to alter, or to change.

When to use AFFECT (Example):

The weather affects (alters/changes) her mood for the day.

AFFECT Is the verb (the action word of the sentence), which means, to change.

Effect – the end result of something.

It is the outcome, the resulting thing or the consequence of a certain action or cause.

When to use EFFECT (Example):

Over time the effect of loud music can damage your hearing.

In this sentence, the work EFFECT acts as the end result or the object which is the result of the action (listening to loud music).

Hope that helps. So if you need to remember when to use AFFECT vs EFFECT, try to remember the simple tricks.

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