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How To Create A Book Trailer In Less Than 10 Minutes

A book trailer is a marketing tool that lets authors tell the story of their books in the most exciting way possible. Book trailers are an effective way to promote your book online, get more people interested in your work, and make it easy for people to buy your book. This video can include your book cover, the title of the book, and information about you and your book. The video should explain why people should read your book.

Watch me create a book trailer using Rocketium Online Video Editor. https://hi.switchy.io/66vw

Putting together a video in less than 10 minutes is a daunting task.

Well, at least it used to be. Not anymore.

Meet Rocketium.

Rocketium is online software that uses images, clips, audio, and articles to help you create videos freakishly fast.

With a simple interface, everyone, from beginners (and we do mean beginners) to experts, will be able to take part in the Rocketium fun. But you’re not just creating videos stylishly and quickly, you’re creating videos efficiently.

Through one-click intelligent resizing, videos can be converted into portrait, square, or landscape—perfect for any social media. (You can save all of these styling choices as your own custom theme for future videos.)

This hybrid plan is valued at $948 a year. But you’re not paying $948 a year, are you? Nope.

You’re getting lifetime access for just $49! for a very limited time (like maybe 7 days from 3/7/2018)

You’ll be able to create good-looking ads, book trailers, explainers, social media posts, and much more in a flash!

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