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How To Publish a Poetry Book

I think one of the earliest work of literature a writer can start working on at a young age is poetry. I mean, we have to admit, this type of writing is mainly emotion-driven and it is shorter to compose. It takes lesser time but a lot of talent to make. A lot of poets admit that they began to write poetry at a young age and there are even cases when a compilation of poetries are collected for years, and then finally published at the right moment when the author thinks it’s the perfect time to do so.

One of the main struggles in publishing a poetry book is finding a publishing house that’s interested in the kind of output that the author has created. As previously mentioned, poetry is emotion-driven and the topics can range widespread – depending on the author’s mood and disposition.

It can be very difficult to convince a traditional publishing house to cater to your work, especially if they themselves do not have high hopes and faith to your work. The main question that will always be considered is by almost all publishing house is if the poetry book will grab readers’ interest and if it will have high market sales.

If you are a poetry author and you want to publish your work, you’re better off consulting a self-publishing company, who can guide you better with the entire process of making your poetry book a reality.

There are a lot of new authors who actually found their way to success because they opted to self-publish their poetry books! You could be one of them if you give it a shot!

In an interview with publishing expert and English professor, David M. Harris, he reminds authors that there are SO MANY options to go for, aside from the conventional methods of publishing.

According to Harris, in order to start rolling the process of publishing your poetry book, it is very important to ask yourself first WHY you want to do it.

Some of the most common answers he’s heard in his many years of experience revolve around the following choices: To get rich, to be famous, and to become successful!

These are actually non-realistic goals, according to Harris. If these are the only reasons that you have why you want to publish your work, then you might need to second think the whole thing.


With all the hard work and labor that needs to be invested, the reasons should go beyond those three, and it should be about taking pride about finally making your work into a reality and sharing it to the world, and the sense of fulfillment you get when readers appreciate the work that you’ve done.

Harris emphasizes that although self-publishing is ideal for poetry books, it entails A LOT of effort and it can be really time-consuming, especially if you want to have a high success rate in marketing and in the sales of your book. The dilemma is, if you focus too much on self-publishing your previous work, you might end up not having enough time at your hands to create more poetry for continued visibility in the marketplace and bookshelves.

This is why self-publishing companies that offer customized publishing services can really become an author’s saving grace. You can actually select the level of involvement that you need from and the payment can also be flexible based on your needs too! Nothing is the same since every author and every book require a different level of attention.

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