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New Book Release: Dream Slave by Max Cross

A chilling story that keeps you wondering, what’s real and what’s just a ‘dream’?

A young college freshman wakes up with a massive headache after a party.  She has very little memory about what happened the night before, only that she was coaxed into taking a new designer drug.

The drug seems harmless, yet her memory is blank. 

What happened?
Where did she go?
What did she do?

As she begins taking more of the drug, and starts depending on it’s effects, she remembers more and more. 

The memories that return to her become increasingly disturbing and frightening .

Did she …?
Could she ….?

She desperately tries to sort out the truth. 

What memories were a hallucination brought on by the drugs, and what memories actually happened.

Can Lori solve the mysteries of her scattered memories? Or is the truth too much to bare?

Read Dream Slave to find out. Available Everywhere ebooks are sold!

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