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5 Fears Behind Self-Publishing and How to Overcome Them

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Are you scared to publish your book


You might be a fantastic writer, one who knows you have a lot to offer the world if only you could get your work published. The truth is that there are countless great stories and guides that never get published by thousands of authors who let the opportunity slip away.


Self-publishing with Firebrand Publishing is easy, and you have all the resources you need right in front of you. However, right when you think it’s the best time to start writing your story or getting published, fears crop up and bring your creativity and drive to a grinding halt. It’s these fears that we’re going to address and help you overcome.

Here are the top 5 fears behind self publishing and how to get over them.





Fear #1: What if My Book Isn’t Good Enough?


Are you afraid your book won’t be good enough and readers won’t like your book?


This is an especially frequent and powerful fear, and it gets its power from being vague. Your imagination starts to come up with bad scenarios and you become afraid of taking action and getting published. You become fearful, but you can’t pinpoint an exact reason why, which is why this fear hovers around you like a cloud.


To overcome this, you simply have to believe that you’re good enough, and that whatever you publish will, at the very least, serve as a tremendous learning experience for you. Once you actually take the step, you’ll realize how silly it sounded to be afraid in the first place. Plus, if you have doubts about your work, put it in the hands of professionals who will work with you and your book to make it the best it can be. Let us handle making your book great! By using a professional, you can be confident the product available to your readers will be the best.




Fear #2: There Are Too Many Other Writers Out There


Are you scared to publish your book because of so much competition?

You’ll notice a trend with fears, in that so many of them are founded on a lack of clarity and even blatant assumptions. This fear comes from a desire to avoid competition and even a fear of being compared to another author who might be perceived as “better”.


Let it be known that while there are plenty of writers “out there”, none of them are YOU. There’s a story to tell and an experience to give that are exclusively yours, and it’s a story that will only ever be told if you realize that there’s a place for your published works in the world. There are millions of readers. People are looking for your exact book, your exact story. Our job at Firebrand Publishing is to find your targeted audience. The key is to understand, not every person will like every book. Books considered classics today were once ridiculed when they were published.

Here are 6 Great Novels that were hated in their time.


Fear #3: I’m Sure Somebody Else Could Write it Better


You feel your writing is a total fail.

You look at best-selling authors and multi-millionaire authors, and you think to yourself how much better they would write your book than you would.


There are authors, large and small, who’ve written books that have changed people’s lives. The fact is that your books can do the same. Your stories can compel, can teach, and can make people think. There are billions of people in the world, and whatever you’re writing definitely has a place in someone’s life – always remember that.

You are worth it. You matter. Don’t let your self doubt stop you from creating. Keep going.





Fear #4: I’m Not Even Sure How to Begin My Story

Don’t know how to start writing your story?


You might notice that you have a great direction for a book you want to write, but then when you think about the publishing process it all sort of falls apart. Why is this?


You get a picture in your head of somebody actually reading your story, and so you feel the need to make it absolutely perfect. The thing is there’s no “perfect” story, but you get yourself locked up and you end up not writing anything at all.


All you need to do is start. Just start writing a bit and once you get momentum, things will start clearing up. You can always go back and clean things up later, but just start, you’ll be glad you did.



Fear #5: I Don’t Understand the Self-Publishing Process


Is the self publishing process confusing?



Should you be afraid and give up on self-publishing, or avoid it because you don’t understand the process? Once upon a time you didn’t understand how to use a computer, but you stuck with it, and aren’t you glad you did?


The publishing process doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. It’s just new to you, it’s unfamiliar, but there are very kind and considerate experts standing by at Firebrand Publishing, who are eager to help make your book a reality and a success.






The fears that hold you back really aren’t any stronger than you allow them to be. You’re undoubtedly passionate about your writing, and that’s why you’re considering self-publishing in the first place. In the end there’s very little to actually be afraid of, so use the advice mentioned here to move beyond your fears and get your story out to the world.

Do not be afraid to Self Publish your book.







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