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7 Ways To Publicize Your Book

Book marketing is the process of promoting a book. It includes all activities that are necessary to create awareness, interest, and desire for your book. The goal of this marketing is to have the right people discover your book so they can read it. There are many effective ways to promote your book. Here are 7 proven methods that have worked for other authors in the past.

Here are 7 steps to publicize your book now.

    1. Email: An email to everyone you know, every contact you’ve made, friends, family, bloggers, and fans should detail your book with the book cover and a link to purchase your book. This is a great way to get publicity and sales for your book. Email marketing is a very valuable marketing tool for your book. Learn How To Build Your Email Marketing List.
    2. Social Media: Develop a social media presence. Choose one or a few social media networks to be a part of and build your friends and audience list. Use social media to publicize your book leading up to the launch and after the launch. Learn How To Create Your Social Media Profiles
    3. Get Interviewed: Get interviewed on blogs, radio shows, newspapers, tv shows as much as possible. Contact blogs, radio stations, newspapers, etc in order to land an interview. Learn How To Get Interviewed
    4. Run Contests: Everyone loves a contest. Run a contest with a prize and ask for people’s email address or a purchase of your book in order to win a prize. Everyone loves to win, so this is a great way to publicize your book. Learn How To Run a contest
    5. Guest Blog: Guest Blog on other sites related to your book. Write an article/blog post that details why you wrote your book and present the value of someone buying your book. Guest post on as many blogs as you can. Learn How To Guest Blog.
    6. Create a website (or have one built) and feature your book. Include your media kit as well as the value of your book to your audience.
    7. Network locally with bookstores in your area. Create flyers, do book signings etc at your local bookstore, craft shops, gyms or any business your book would make sense. If you wrote a weight loss self help book, contact a gym or health food store. If you wrote a children’s book contact a toy store (local), children’s clothing store etc.

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